Do you want to rank higher in Google searches? If not, you don’t have to read this article and can go on with your day. But if you do, stick here for a few minutes and you’ll be blown away to see just how easily, effectively, and rapidly you can rank using Private Blog Networks (PBN) in your SEO strategy. 

For those new to PBNs, we’ll introduce you to them shortly. For those who are already familiar with this method, you’ve probably heard many stories about these bad boys. So put your biases aside, and hear the truth from 7 Figure PBN Seller: Saket Wahi. 

What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are networks of websites created to provide backlinks that improve the authority of your money site. 

A PBN functions by buying a bunch of high quality expired domains that already have established authority. Once the network is set up, the sites are used to create basic blog posts that include links to the main site which directs all the juice the PBN website holds. 

While some experts believe that PBNs can help increase your organic rankings, others argue that they are bad for SEO. This article will hopefully convince you why you shouldn’t worry too much about using PBNs.

Why are PBNs feared?

PBNs are fearfully classified as black hat by search engines. In reality, everything can be classified as blackhat – AI content, guest posting, niche edits etc.

The thing is people are amateurs when it comes to PBNs. They will stick to outreach linking thinking that they are playing safe. But their enthusiasm fades away as soon as a Google update kicks in and their rankings drop!

So the question should be: is there any link-building strategy that’s 100% safe? And the answer is no, not really. See, Google has a love-hate relationship with all backlinks. It’s not about WHICH TYPE of backlink you choose to do, it’s HOW you do it. And you can trust me when I say that I have seen more sites tanking with outreach backlinks than our PBN backlinks.

Have a look at these screenshots:

As you can see, these two different sites from a similar niche are targeting the same keywords. The first ahrefs graph shows the website that has hundreds of really good outreach links tanks over time. Funny enough, it used to be our client’s competitor. Now on the second graph, you can see our client who got 100s of PBN links every month and survived every single update.

Is this Private Blog Network fear justified?

So are PBNs to be feared? I think results speak louder than words!

As search engine crawlers develop an increasingly effective method for detecting inauthentic SEO practices, black hat SEO strategi­sts become more versatile and sophisticated. So it’s not the legitimacy of the PBNs themselves that you should question. It’s the expertise of the seller!

There are many bad SEOs out there who also tarnish the reputation of SEO in general because they use outdated methods or lose patience etc. These people would say, SEO is Dead.

Here’s the PBN truth 

Link building is one of the best ways to improve your site’s ranking. Getting PBN Links to your site will yield better results both in the short and long term if you’re serious about doing them right. Make sure you test our PBN links vs the outreach guys you have got on your list. Compare, analyze and you’ll become a PBN lover. 

I made 7 Figures as a PBN Seller

I have been in the PBN game for over 5 years. I have an extensive, juicy network that invariably gives incredible results to my clients all the freakin’ time. What’s the secret of such a lasting powerhouse private blog network? Deep knowledge of the required care for a treasured network, and a full-time team that regularly tests the new strategies on PBNs and finds out ways to leverage the most link juice out of the PBN.

If you’re looking for help creating an effective link-based strategy, we’ve got you covered. Check out our services and get in touch with us today if needed by clicking here