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Our PBN domains are for professional SEOs who are looking to increase their own/ clients’ website authority massively


Our PBN domains are the most trusted in the whole SEO marketplace. With high authority links pointing to each domain.


Saket Wahi has an inhouse scraping system that will find high quality domains for you. It filters all the crap and gives you the stuff that works 100%

Buy PBN Domains

In order for a website to perform well on Google, it must have quality link juice pointing to it. Besides the implementation of classic SEO techniques such as optimized content, design or interlinking, you can also buy these top notch expired PBN domains. PBNs built on these expired domains will give you that ranking boost to your money sites and your clients.

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What is an expired domain?

As the name suggests, expired domains are domains that are about to expire or have already done so. The former webmaster no longer wanted to use it. Once the expiration date has passed, domains can be re-registered by a new owner.

Why should I use an expired domain in SEO?

Domains that have been previously registered often already have backlinks. High quality juicy backlinks, Referring Domains and other SEO metrics can be a real asset to your SEO campaigns.

By using an expired domain with best backlinks, it can help improve your SEO much faster. You will save both time and money.

An aged domain with SEO power will you the opportunity to build a PBN to improve the authority of one of your websites.

Not all domains are good for PBNs

The purchase of an expired domain can be very interesting depending on certain factors. Different indicators or metrics are to be taken into consideration.

  • The age of the domain

  • Clean Backlink Profile

  • Top Authority Backlinks

  • Good DR score

  • Good amount of Referring domains

Why do you need PBN Domains?

Backlinks are not inherently a ranking factor, they can also have a negative impact. Yes, you read that right. If the backlinks of the expired domain come from spam or irrelevant pages, the opposite effect can also occur.

By using the domains selected by Saket Wahi, you avoid unpleasant surprises, whether you are a beginner or an SEO expert. It can also save you valuable time and allow you to focus on what is most important to you.


Saket Wahi pre-selects his domains manually with a good domain history. He has an eye for the finest gems on the Internet. As a PBN expert, no detail is out of his sight.

He knows what domains will get the best possible results. He has the tools to go back in time to verify that the site has not been used for spam purposes. He can pick up any inconsistencies.


The age of the domain refers to the date on which the domain was first registered. Search engines prefer aged domains because they are more reliable.

A study conducted by Ahrefs shows that it takes an average of two years for a website to reach the top 10 search engine results with a new domain.

Saket Wahi is able to provide you with the aged reliable domains on the market. This is an extremely good factor that will accelerate your SEO campaign. You will see the desired results faster than the average.

PBN Domain hunting

In order to engage in domain hunting, you need to be particularly fast in terms of registering the domains.

Saket Wahi’s PBN System is always on the lookout for websites that fall into the public market. A delay of a few minutes or even seconds could prevent you from accessing the high quality domain that can do wonders.

It’s Time To Built The PBN Network Of Your Dreams!

Why So many SEOs Rely on PBNs?

Trust Rank

Authority Rank

Juicy Links

Sample PBN domain Metrics {Ahrefs sS}

Power House PBN Domains Packages


$350 TAT 7-14 Days
  • 10 High Quality PBN Domains
  • DR 5-10 RD 20-30+ {According to Ahrefs}
  • Top Authority Backlinks from Sites such as forbes, bbc, theguardian
  • Domain age up-to 20 years
  • Archive/Wayback machine checked


$1500TAT 14-30 Days
  • 50 High Quality PBN Domains
  • DR 5-10 RD 20-30+ {According to Ahrefs}
  • Top Authority Backlinks from Sites such as forbes, bbc, theguardian
  • Domain age up-to 20 years
  • Archive/Wayback machine checked


$2500TAT 30-60 Days
  • 100 High Quality PBN Domains
  • DR 5-10 RD 20-30+ {According to Ahrefs}
  • Top Authority Backlinks from Sites such as forbes, bbc, theguardian
  • Domain age up-to 20 years
  • Archive/Wayback machine checked

Frequently Asked Questions!

How long does the process take?2021-12-22T13:48:53+00:00

We tend to deliver the domains within 7-14 days to either your Email or Skype confirming your availability beforehand

Do I register or you push it through your registrar?2022-01-11T16:30:03+00:00

We don’t incur any registrations for this service. You’ll have to register on your own preferred registrar

Can you build the domains into PBNs for me?2021-12-23T06:16:44+00:00

Yes we can, you can check more information on our PBN Setup Service. Click here

What is your refund policy?2021-12-22T13:50:17+00:00

No Refunds Whatsoever. Replacements Offered Until You Are Happy

How long will it take me to rank?2021-12-22T13:50:37+00:00

Depends on how good you build the foundation for your website. It usually takes just couple weeks to see improvements from your PBNs once you place the links.

What metrics do you search for domains by?2021-12-23T06:17:36+00:00

After testing all types of third party metrics, we found really good results with Ahrefs DR and RD metrics so we will filter your domains accordingly

We have got the top notch stuff for you to move that needle

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I almost don’t want to leave a good review here because I want to keep this service to myself; but game respects game so I am going to tell it like it is and why you need to make this gentleman your ONLY source of buying domains. Over the last couple months I have now bought 70 domains from this vendor. Using those domains I have ranked 5 clients and 4 affiliate sites #1 for incredibly high traffic and difficult terms and have made well over $15,000 from them. That is $14,500 return on my investment. Best domain vendor in the world.


Quick delivery & good metrics & went above and beyond. Highly recommend!

Matt Wacek – SEO Youtuber

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