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Let Saket Wahi rank your business on Google’s top 3 local pack.

  • Be the first business to show up on Google Maps

  • Build trust and credibility around your business

  • Increase the foot traffic to your location tenfolds

  • Convert your prospects in minutes

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Saket Wahi’s Google Local Services


What is a local SEO? Local SEO helps increase online visibility so you get noticed by new customers more easily, quickly and consistently. Google My Business SEO is the ultimate strategy to optimize your Google Business Profile in order to rank in the top 3 of the local pack in Google search results and thus get a better local visibility and attract many more potential new customers.


Google My Business listing criteria are numerous and change according to Google’s algorithm, which Saket Wahi is more than familiar with. After taking a look at your site, he will build a custom solution based on some of the most innovative techniques he has discovered in his nearly 10 years of experience in google local SEO.


Any company with one or more physical outlets or operating in a given geographical area has an interest in optimizing its local visibility. With Saket’s local SEO strategy, your business will appear among the first on Google Maps and in the SERPs. By extension, it allows you to increase the traffic within your establishments or even for your online activity.

Grow your local business exponentially with Saket’s local SEO services

Do you have a local business and are desperately looking for a way to find new customers? Or maybe you’re already familiar with the many benefits of local SEO and have spent your time on it but you just can’t move that needle for your Google Business Profile?

With over 60,000 searches per second and 50% of those searches being local, Google My Business SEO has become an absolute must if you want to stand out from the competition. And with 60,000 SEO experts and over 50% being amateurs, working with Saket is even more enticing!

Give Me PBN Links

Tailored local SEO solutions

Local SEO can be an incredibly valuable asset for your business. But you need to know how to improve it. Saket and his team help companies to develop their visibility on Google through 100% personalised local SEO solutions. We design a real SEO strategy to boost your traffic and help you get more leads with Google My Business based on your current performance and unique goals and circumstances.

A holistic approach to local SEO

Local SEO is not only limited to the improvement of the Google My Business page. It is also necessary to set up various settings and optimizations on the website, on your citations and on the reviews. We help you to implement all these parameters to strengthen the local rankings of your company in a more efficient, holistic way.

Ranking Maintenance

You’re ranking #1 on Google Maps and on local SERPs, now what? Maintenance, baby! Saket doesn’t just put a local SEO strategy in place to leave you once the desired results are reached. He will make sure you bypass your competition for months and years to come

Ongoing Support

Saket is known in the SEO community for sharing educational videos on his YouTube channel. He’s always eager to help se(o)kers out, and offers ongoing support to his clients. By working with him on your Google My Business SEO, you will always be backed by his expertise and offered the time you need throughout the local SEO campaign

Why choose Saket as your local SEO consultant?

Having a local SEO expert by your side gives you a crazy competitive advantage, but you probably know that already since you are here right now. But why make Saket Wahi your preferred local SEO consultant?

Local Maps SEO Campaign Packages


  • 4 GMB PBN Map Embeds w NAP Mentions
  • 4 GEO Targeted URL PBN Links w Keywords
  • 2 Branded Posts with Map Embeds
  • Permanent PBN Links
  • Partial Reports {Screenshots}


  • 20 GMB PBN Map Embeds w NAP Mentions
  • 20 GEO Targeted URL PBN Links w Keywords
  • 10 Branded Posts with Map Embeds
  • Permanent PBN Links
  • Partial Reports {Screenshots}


  • 40 GMB PBN Map Embeds w NAP Mentions
  • 40 GEO Targeted URL PBN Links w Keywords
  • 20 Branded Posts with Map Embeds
  • Permanent PBN Links
  • Partial Reports {Screenshots}

You Won’t Get Better Results Anywhere Else

When we say you’ll get the best return out of your investment, we really mean it. Every single local SEO service we offer is results-focused and ROI-driven. Let’s create magic together!