Before 2014, link-building strategies were basically spam. Pure spam. But the Google Penguin update ended the party. One of the affects of this algorithm change was the big spike of fear regarding link building, especially around PBNs. And what I can tell you as a full time PBN seller, is that the vast majority of these fears are unfounded – even ridiculous. Why would I waste my time and energy focusing on PBNs that doesn’t work or works against my clients? 


Before the more skeptical of you call me reckless, let me debunk your myths and misconceptions about PBNs one by one. 

1. PBNs will penalize my site


As with everything in the SEO industry, the quality of the results will directly depend on the expertise of the seller or service provider. And so a PBN network will only be as good – or as bad – as its owner. 


Different SEOs have different approaches when it comes to setting up a Private Blog Network. I can say that 90% of them still follow traditional protocols that include spun content, garbage generic themes, and way too many OBL on the homepage. 


So if you’ve heard of getting negative results due to PBNs, it’s because they came from a poorly build network. 


A lot of people claim themselves to be SEO experts, but the best SEOs out there are those who keep it simple. How to ensure that your PBN network is powerful and safe? By setting up legitimate sites!


Selling such high-quality PBN links or juicy PBN domains to thousands of websites owners, I personally haven’t seen any penalties since the beginning of my SEO career back in 2014. Remember, PBNs can be treated as normal backlinks. The only thing you have to do is thorough research on the vendor.

2. PBN posts rolling off the homepage will lose their link juice

Homepage links that are not being rolled off the homepage are everything but natural! But as the concern here is not around safety but the power to keep the rankings of your website up, let me explain briefly how a PBN strategy works.


Having links on the homepage is what makes PBNs more powerful than any other types of links. But you won’t get those rankings by having a one-time homepage link long term. You need to keep pumping fresh links on a regular basis. 


What matters above all else is consistency. Most cases of dropped rankings are due to a lack of consistency. People bought some like, enjoyer a nice ranking boner, and took it for granted from there. Don’t be that SEO. Be consistent.


If you’re still not convinced, have a look at the screenshot below. See by yourself all the websites whose rankings went to the moon even after the PBNs rolled onto the inner pages. The link juice was well-maintained, thanks to the consistent effort.


So in order for long-term rankings to stick one the top, you need to maintain an on-going link building and content strategy. 

3. Non-relevant PBNs won’t work 


SEOs that follow RSOS on their PBN network ensure maximum relevancy. RSOS is an OMG term meaning “reverse sink or swim”. It simply means adding your keyword into all the aspects of the PBN post such as permalink, title, H tags, alt text images, etc. 


In the end, it doesn’t matter how relevant or not relevant the PBN is. What matters it how juicy it is! That’s why I focus on building the most powerful network there is, and I can cover just any niche without compromising on the statistics.


Me and my team did a test on one of our roofing clients. He owned 2 roofing websites and was targeting similar keywords. We used a roofing PBN network for one website, and a non-roofing PBN network for the second website. The non-relevant PBN network obviously had more authority links. And guess what? It performed way better than the PBN that was dedicated to roofing topics only. 


So again. It’s not the relevancy of the PBN domain but its authority that will get you the best possible results. 

4. PBNs that have higher Spam Score will hurt my rankings


The spam score is used to detect spammy or advertising sites that generate backlinks to another website. It calculates the spam percentage and rates your SEO performance. And this last bit should be enough to deter you from using it!


The spam score is a third-party metric. A metric that scares so many SEOs even though it hasn’t been put in place by Google, but by the company Moz. And this means that it has nothing to do with how Google judges the quality of the domain, as it’s not used in Google’s algorithms.


If you don’t believe me, just pay a visit to It won’t take you long to realize that they don’t really know what they’re doing. You can read on their website very clearly: “A high Spam Score for your site, or a site you’re looking at, doesn’t mean this site is necessarily spammy.”.

In my experience, some of my sites with a higher spam score have done wonders for ranking my clients efficiently. 


5. Google will find my PBN network


To close off the list, I will debunk this myth by stating once again the point I made for myth #1. A PBN network will only be as good – or as bad – as its owner. And by bad I mean non-experienced. 


Trouble will only find you if you’re looking for it. If you are a beginner and you don’t know what correct procedures to follow when making your PBN network, you might leave a footprint.


If, on the other hand, you approach this strategy with the right maturity, this won’t happen. Google will see your network as individual, ordinary, legitimate websites. They may even get some substantial traffic!


I’m here to help you avoid stepping on land mines and build a clean network from scratch. One whose power starts from the foundation. One who, just like mine, will never be found by Google. If that’s a skill and an asset you’re interested in building, check out my detailed guide on how to build a PBN.


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I also made a video on PBN myths so make sure you check it out as well


All these misconceptions are holding you back from growing your business exponentially. If you’re scared to use PBNs, it doesn’t mean that they’re bad. It just means that you haven’t been informed well. 


I’m here to correct that. So once again, in case you have any link-building-related questions, comment down below or leave me a message.

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