I am an SEO.

I launched my first techy website. I was growing up in India and saw this guy in my high school making what seemed to me like a ton of money online. But despite my efforts and endless experiments, I couldn’t get the visibility I was expecting. My blogs were just not ranking. It took me some research to discover the wonders of SEO, and that was it. A few months later, money started flowing into my bank account to the surprise of my school mates and family. I started digging deep, and eventually connected with the big boys of SEO.

Among them was my first business partner, Fernando Raymond. He was the one who introduced me to PBNs, as it was his favorite approach to ranking clients. Fernando wanted to start getting in-house domains and requested me to be his main provider. At the time I properly mastered the skill, Konker was launched and I decided to try my luck there. No expectations, just testing the waters. And I bet you know the saying: Good things come when least expected! This is exactly what happened.

I made enough money and connections to move to London. I studied marketing at Middlesex University and launched my first marketing agency alongside Fernando. After two years of studies, I decided to drop out and live from SEO full time. It was a pleasant experience, but I wasn’t entirely fulfilled. Something in client SEO wasn’t giving me purpose and satisfaction. Dealing with ungratefulness, impatience, and big expectations that come with hiring a big agency like ours burned me out. I decided to continue on a different path and became a freelance seller.

My focus immediately shifted to what fascinated me the most – PBNs. I moved a lot: France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Ibiza, Hungary, Netherlands, and then Australia and South-East Asia where I finally settled. This nomadic lifestyle led me to who I am today: a 23-year-old, married, Bali-based PBN expert. I mention my age to give you a visual time frame, but the truth is I don’t like to be defined by it. Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. What really counts, is that thousands of people changed their opinion about PBNs and trust me to provide the result they dream of. Success is meant to be shared.

My love for life and for SEO

Being an SEO and a digital nomad feels like the most natural and fulfilling lifestyle to me. I do what I love, and I love what I do. I quickly found my work-life balance and gained some spiritual insights along the way to sustain it. My wife also being a digital nomad, we built a routine that shapes our day in a productive and healthy way. We wake up, set out intentions for the day, jump straight into the pool, stretch, and meditate. Then, we head to a café on our customized bike and have a lush breakfast while replying to emails and delivering orders. The rest of the day generally includes more work at our lovely villa facing rice fields and Balinese dragons sculptures, a beach workout, a sunset, and a relaxing evening with like-minded friends. Being surrounded by soulful and successful beings motivates me to produce more content, gain knowledge, and share it with the world. Pouring my heart into my business helps me leave a footprint in the SEO word.

I built the largest and most effective PBN network in the market

I still get pleasantly surprised when people come to me because they heard of Saket Wahi’s unfearful and innovative approach to PBNs. They don’t just come for links, they come for my links. They come for results, and they believe that I can provide them.

This is the beauty of living to your full potential. When consistency meets faith, nothing is impossible. The year 2020 was a challenging time for everybody. It is at the beginning of the lockdown that I decided that by the end of this year, I’ll have the largest and most effective PBN network available to all SEOs at a very cost-effective price.

This goal appealed to me as I noticed throughout my carrier that the PBN market is saturated with very average sellers that only have fast profit in mind. With a short term goal like this, the results can’t be good. The general trust in PBNs kept shrinking, and people would rather turn out to other strategies to boost their traffic. Those were often not as effective and a lot more expensive than buying PBN Links. I wanted to change that. And, well, I pretty much did.