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Backlink packages for small & Big businesses

These SEO Packages will serve from small to big businesses. Depending on what package you choose!

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Top Rated Backlink Packages

In order to maximize your chances of ranking well, it’s essential to implement the best link building strategy.

Our backlinks allows you not only to be placed at the top of the SERPs but also to stay there and avoid being outranked by the competition. And all of this is possible without any effort on your end!

It includes all the support you would otherwise need to look for individually. No more headaches to set up a strategy that works, nor to search for the services you need one by one.

Make your life easier, and choose the our backlinks package that best suits your business.

All you need to rank with Juicy Backlinks

  • Increase visibility and traffic in the long term
  • Priority is given to ROI

  • Choice of a list of keywords to monitor

  • Guarantee of results

Perfect control of your budget

All link building SEO packages can be broken down, mixed and adjusted according to your needs. The advantage for you is a perfect control of your budget with no bad surprises, and a real time saving since you don’t have to ask for a quote for each intervention.

Select a package that covers all the necessary tools to boost your SEO campaign for the best discounted pricing. You can finally relax because your rankings will climb exponentially without you having to monitor them, plan ahead, or intervene every day.

Monthly report

Whatever package you choose, we follow the progress of your campaign and ensure a constant improvement of your rankings. At the end of the campaign, you will be suggested the necessary measures and changes for optimizing your website and tips on reaching your websites’ target.


No contract!

Saket Wahi and his team are known for results. This means that we do not require any signed contract from our clients. We believe that the results and the achievement of growth objectives remain the best proof of trust between an SEO business and its clients.

Remember however that the SEO of a site is a long-term process. Even if you don’t have any time commitment, consistency is key.

Saket Wahi Backlinks To Dominate Any Niche

Long Term Relationships

Our team will fulfil your needs with consistent ranking improvements

Juicy backlinks

Saket Wahi is known for selling the most high authority backlinks. His team will diversity the link building profile with PBNs, Niche Edits and Guest Posts

Safety first

The practices we follow are 100% safe. We have been serving businesses for over a decade. We understand how the Google algorithm works and adapt quickly to the changes




  • 25 PBN Links {DR 5-30+ RD 30-100+}
  • 1 Guest Post {Traffic 1000-10000+)
  • 5 Niche Edits {RD 100-1000+}
  • No Duplicate Links
  • Full Reporting


  • 75 PBN Links {DR 5-30+ RD 30-100+}
  • 3 Guest Posts {Traffic 1000-10000+)
  • 15 Niche Edits {RD 100-1000+}
  • No Duplicate Links
  • Full Reporting


  • 150 PBN Links {DR 5-30+ RD 30-100+}
  • 6 Guest Posts {Traffic 1000-10000+)
  • 30 Niche Edits {RD 100-1000+}
  • No Duplicate Links
  • Full Reporting


  • 300 PBN Links {DR 5-30+ RD 30-100+}
  • 12 Guest Posts {Traffic 1000-10000+)
  • 60 Niche Edits {RD 100-1000+}
  • No Duplicate Links
  • Full Reporting

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