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Get high authority niche edits from websites with good amount of relevant traffic.


Increase the relevancy and high quality search engine ranking juice naturally.


Diversify your website’s backlink link profile for better SEO performance.

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Enjoy the most powerful niche edits on the market at a wholesale price!

Give Me Niche Edits!

High-Quality Niche Edit Links With Whitehat Outreach

Saket Wahi is known for his powerful PBN network.

If you want your website to rank is the most effective and efficient way, niche edits shouldn’t be left out of your SEO strategy.

If you are new in the SEO world, niche edits are the best way to diversity with some high quality PBN Links.

Reap the benefits of the safest and juiciest links inserted into existing articles on real, powerful websites.

Why are Niche Edit Links good for your SEO?

Not all backlinks are treated equally. The reason why contextual links are so important is that search engine algorithms give them a lot of importance.

Niche edits help gain credibility for your website. These are the links with the most juice and power. Plus the relevance juice also adds up.

The power of Niche Edits

Here’s why Niche Edits are powerful:

  • Extra link Juice: Most already have Tier 2 links pointing to them
  • Indexation: Niche Edits are indexed in the SERPs
  • Traffic: Most of them have quality traffic coming to them
  • Effectiveness: Niche Edits are way more more effective than Guest Posts

Saket Wahi’s niche edits are for you. Order now to get your link placed on your niche’s relevant websites at competitive pricing options

The Cost Effective way to rank higher

Unlike other types of links (especially guest posts) that require a full article to be written, niche edits are placed in articles that already have authority, are aged and indexed.

Not only does this technique save time, but it also saves money. These links are the most cost effective backlinks.




Niche Edits are Priced by RD (RD in Ahrefs).

RD 50-100+

  • 1 Link
  • Domain w/ DR 20-50
  • RD 50-100+
  • Normal Quality Checks
  • Niche Relevant

RD 400-1000+

  • 1 Link
  • Domain w/ DR 20-50
  • RD 400-1000+
  • Normal Quality Checks
  • Niche Relevant

RD 1500-2000+

  • 1 Link
  • Domain w/ DR 20-50
  • RD 1500-2000+
  • Normal Quality Checks
  • Niche Relevant

Frequently Asked Questions!

What niches you cover?2021-12-22T13:56:48+00:00

Most niches for our niche edits from Home Improvement, Tech, Gardening, Pet, Health & Fitness, Fashion & Beauty, Automotive, Parenting, Real Estate, Cooking, Music & Entertainment, SEO, Web Design, Games, Travel, Lifestyle, Sports, Business & Finance, General

Can you drip feed the niche posts?2021-12-22T13:57:25+00:00

We don’t drip-feed the links because the natural rate of indexation does that for us. The links will all get indexed at random intervals by Google, acting as it’s own drip-feed.

Can I choose my own sites?2021-12-22T13:57:48+00:00

With the volume we will be doing and the price point, unfortunately that’s not possible. Reason being you wont have access to our team that chooses sites/urls and it’s only possible if I am always involved.

What is an average TAT?2021-12-22T13:58:21+00:00

Usually 10-20 days (usually depending on the size of the order)


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