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High Quality PBN Links


Powerful PBN Rentals and Permanent PBN Backlinks without any footprints

  • Super Powered Juice Passer in Your Niche


  • Better ROI than your Typical Niche Edit or Guest Post


  • Aged Authority Domains and Premium Hosting


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Why Choose our pBN Links Service?


Our PBN Links are for professional SEOs who are looking to diversify their link profile with high powered link juice. These links will step up your SEO game with fasters results unlike before.


Our PBN Links are the most reliable in the whole SEO marketplace. With best practices ensuring the safety of the network and your money sites.


We have strict procedures maintaining this PBN network to work fully for your targeted niche. These are real looking sites getting google traffic.

Buy PBN Links

You’ve just stumbled upon the most secure and powerful private blog network available in the SEO market today! After a decade of analyzing this often overhyped strategy, we have mastered the art of building, managing, and leveraging a network of over 1000 sites.

Our thorough and conscious approach has proven to be successful in achieving top rankings for our clients on a long-term basis. Ready to witness the magic? We’ll get you there. All you need is to get in touch!

Give Me PBN Links

PBN Setup

We take every step to ensure that your backlinks have a 100% uptime. We also want them to be safe from automated checks. Each article will therefore be published on domains with high authority. These are hosted by trusted companies that Saket Wahi has worked with for many years. They use unique class C IP addresses.

Our team ensures that all our websites are configured to block crawlers. They also make sure that their Whois information is not accessible to malicious competitors. Each of our domains has its own unique features such as web host, email, DNS and more. They are completely independent from other sites in our extensive private blog network.

PBN Content

The content we produce for our PBNs is written by specialized native writers. The result is unique and SEO optimized content. Google notices our content as relevant and of high-quality. As a reward, it will be indexed very easily.

Our backlinks are inserted within content adapted to your niche. They are combined with images, headings and youtube videos for even more authority.

PBN Backlinks

Our network is fully managed by professionals. We use high quality themes, custom logos, as well as real contact pages, and even social media profiles. All these measures make us totally indistinguishable from legitimate money sites.

We guarantee that you will feel safe when you buy backlinks from our network. But that’s not all! We also guarantee that you will get the best return for every penny you invest with us.

PBN Maintenance

The maintenance of our PBNs is an essential step. The plugin and theme are upgraded on a daily basis. Unsponsored content is also added by our developers regularly. They make sure there are no redirects or broken links every time.

None of our domains are left unchecked, let alone expired. The quality of our network is important to us.

The benefits of buying PBN links from Saket Wahi

The biggest advantage of using our PBN network is that you won’t need to get backlinks from third party sites.


1-Time-Payment PBN Links


  • 10 High Quality PBN Links
  • RD 30-150+ {According to Ahrefs}
  • Top Authority Backlinks from Sites such as forbes, bbc, theguardian
  • Permanent PBN Links
  • 1-Time Payment


  • 50 High Quality PBN Links
  • RD 30-150+ {According to Ahrefs}
  • Top Authority Backlinks from Sites such as forbes, bbc, theguardian
  • Permanent PBN Links
  • 1-Time Payment


  • 100 High Quality PBN Links
  • RD 30-150+ {According to Ahrefs}
  • Top Authority Backlinks from Sites such as forbes, bbc, theguardian
  • Permanent PBN Links
  • 1-Time Payment


Will I receive a report?2021-12-22T11:36:05+00:00

You will receive a partial report.

Are these niche related or general posts?2021-12-22T11:42:36+00:00

These are general posts, the article will be crafted to fit the website theme no matter what your website is about.

Are these posts permanent?2021-12-22T11:43:13+00:00

Yes, these posts are permanent, they will stay on the homepage for 4+ weeks and then roll to the inner pages where they will stay permanently.

What will the article content be?2021-12-22T11:43:37+00:00

Articles will be 300-500 words of handwritten 100% unique content.

You may also provide your own articles as long as the grammar is good. No spun articles!


If I buy more PBN posts do they go on different blogs?2021-12-22T11:43:56+00:00

Yes, they go on different blogs.

Can I See Samples?2021-12-22T11:44:17+00:00

No, sorry. To ensure the safety of my network.

You Won’t Get Better Results Anywhere Else

When we say you’ll get the best ROI out of your investment, we really mean it. Our PBN links packages are very authentic. Our team makes sure you get high-impactful results for your money websites.

Juicy, right? It’s time to squeeze out your competitors in record time! Trust Saket Wahi, your business will thank you later.

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