An effective link building Campaign that will boost your website’s authority and rankings


In-house SEO team that will cater your backlinks’ needs


Intensive testing for these link building packages that will ensure the effectiveness and efficiency for your SEO Campaign

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Buy backlinks that will genuinely make a difference to your campaigns, whether you’re a small business or a big brand.

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Fully Tailored Link Building Strategies

It’s really hard if not impossible to get those high rankings, enjoy the traffic, and build a solid online reputation if you don’t have an equally solid link building strategy that’s fully tailored to your business.

Our backlinks come with a plan. A plan that will not only leverage the power of those links, but is also made just for you based on a thorough analysis of your performance and competition.

Get Long-Lasting Rankings in no time

  • A long term boost to your traffic
  • Explosive ROI for months to come

  • Monitoring of the chosen keywords

  • Results and satisfaction prioritised

Huge Flexibility of the link building campaign

As we’re focused on providing results, our backlink campaigns are part of an ever-evolving strategy that targets your exact goals in real time.

We help you build a robust and efficient backlink campaign using our large in-house network of the juiciest domains backed by Saket’s expertise. You don’t just buy links in here. You buy tangible results. Results that can really make a difference for your business.

Transparent reports Every Month

No matter which backlink package you choose, you can be sure that we will leverage the power of our backlinks to get you the desired results. And these results are tracked, monitored, and reported to you at the end of each monthly campaign.

You can follow the progress of your website’s visibility and performance and ask us about anything. We’re here to clarify all aspects of the backlink campaign for you and ensure you are satisfied all the way through.

No Commitment Needed

As we approach every client individually, we come up a long term plan suggestion that can help you reach your targets. This is because the key ingredient of success is a good strategy that’s implemented with consistency.

However, we’re not a fan of making you sign contracts or commit for a pre-defined period of time. At the end of each month, you get to decide if you want to renew the campaign. Buy high quality backlinks with no strings attached!

Saket Wahi Backlinks To Dominate Any Niche

Long Term Relationships

Our team will fulfil your needs with consistent ranking improvements

Juicy backlinks

Saket Wahi is known for selling the most high authority backlinks. His team will diversity the link building profile with PBNs, Niche Edits and Guest Posts

Safety first

The practices we follow are 100% safe. We have been serving businesses for over a decade. We understand how the Google algorithm works and adapt quickly to the changes





  • 25 PBN Links {DR 5-30+ RD 30-100+}
  • 1 Guest Post {Traffic 1000-10000+)
  • 5 Niche Edits {RD 100-1000+}
  • No Duplicate Links
  • Full Reporting


  • 75 PBN Links {DR 5-30+ RD 30-100+}
  • 3 Guest Post {Traffic 1000-10000+)
  • 15 Niche Edits {RD 100-1000+}
  • No Duplicate Links
  • Full Reporting


  • 150 PBN Links {DR 5-30+ RD 30-100+}
  • 6 Guest Post {Traffic 1000-10000+)
  • 30 Niche Edits {RD 100-1000+}
  • No Duplicate Links
  • Full Reporting

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